The life you truly want doesn't have to be a someday dream.

Fearless Creation - One step at a time

Feeling uninspired in your career and wish you could spend your days pursuing your passions instead?


Not sure how to start because your responsibilities at home and work take up all your time and energy?


Tired of waiting for someday, that magical day when you finally have time to sit down and explore your passion?


It's not easy and I get it. You're committed to your responsibilities. You're caring. You always put others' needs before your own. 

But you're also a dreamer and a creator.

It's time to honor that side of you.


But you're also a dreamer and a creator.

It's time let that side of you out.



Hi, I’m Mayan (pronounced MAY-en) and I’m a Dream Doula. 

Yep, doula, as in one who helps pregnant women give birth to their babies. But instead of human beings (and without the blood, pain or screaming), I help you birth your PASSION-INSPIRED DREAMS into the world.

I know firsthand how stifling life can feel when there's no time for doing what you love.

I'm on a mission to help women reconnect with their fun and creative side, while making a difference in the world and earning good money doing it.

Fun. Joy. Impact. Reward.

It can all be yours.

Are you ready to claim it?


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