Hey there!

I’m Mayan (pronounced MAY-en).

A Dream Accelerator committed to helping you realize your big goals and create the life you truly want - now, not Someday.


Your dreams are yours for a reason - because you’re meant to experience them this lifetime.

How soon that happens is entirely up to you.



Are you clear on what you truly want to create and experience in your life right now?

No, not what you say you want, but what you truly want.

When you focus your energy and time on something you think you want when your desires, actions and beliefs don’t align, you’re going to get frustrated by the results.

Stop spinning your wheels and uncover where your soul wants you to focus and infuse an abundance of your time and energy with this 5-minute assessment.


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"Every time I work with Mayan, magic happens.

I’m present to the synchronicities since working together – manifesting my dream job (AGAIN, with your help), making and having more money than ever, and having way more access to peace, joy, gratitude and hope in my life. It's been incredible to see how I was limiting my thinking & dreaming, so through our work together, I am filled with a pure sense of anything being possible. ANY. THING. 

And now, during our most recent sessions, a dream that I thought would take 40 years only took 4 months of action to bring into reality. I just had to choose. Through your coaching, I've gained accountability for my dreams."

- Lorena M.