Ready to make 2019


Nothing beats the excitement of a new year. We think… this is going to be the year I finally…

  • pursue my passions

  • get healthy

  • fall in love

  • breakthrough my money blocks

  • slow down

  • live where I love

third of our lives is spent in our bedroom, yet most of us never take the time or effort to make it a space we truly love.

We settle for a drab space that lacks personality and feels adequate at best.

And those of us who have made some effort turn to Pinterest, furniture catalogs or even interior designers for ideas and help. But after following their ideas, replicating their designs and even spending a small fortune, something still feels off about our space.

It doesn't feel truly OURS.

It may surprise you, but...

Creating based on your DESIGN PREFERENCES is not enough.

Unless you also factor in your PERSONALITY and balance the ENERGY in your space, you'll never be satisfied with it.


Bedroom Bliss + Blessings will help you create your own retreat - a space you not only love, but that also supports what you want most in life.

Your bedroom should be the most beautiful space in your home. After all, it's where your body repairs and restores itself every night. The quality of your rest affects your energy level, productivity, happiness, and even your relationships.

You deserve to have a calm and peaceful sanctuary where you can relax and recharge at the end of the day.

Beyond just having a pretty space though, your bedroom can also be used to set the intentions you want in your life. 

Turn your ordinary bedroom into your own private retreat, with elements weaved in to support what you want in life.




In Bedroom Bliss + Blessings, I'll guide you step-by-step in designing your private sanctuary using three components:








It's the process I've used to makeover my own bedroom, as well as those of my clients. What you end up with is more than creating just a pretty space.

When my husband and I moved into our first place and needed to decorate an entire home, I found decorating to be overwhelming. With so many trends and styles to choose from, I had a hard time committing to something I might change my mind on later.

In the more ‘public’ rooms (like the living or dining rooms), I had no choice but to decide on some furnishings. But when it came to our bedroom, I avoided decorating and rationalized it with No one will see it anyway, so it doesn't really matter, right?

What we ended up with was a mediocre bedroom that neither of us particularly liked nor spent time in. We put up with it for almost two years until...

I discovered a new way to design

When I accidentally stumbled on Feng Shui, I discovered a different approach to decorating that incorporated another element to designing: energy and flow. Things have a certain energy to it and when their energies are properly balanced, it transforms the entire space.

When I applied the principles to design our bedroom - taking into account the layout of the room, the amount of sunlight, the energies of each item in our room - not only did we end up with a bedroom that we both LOVED... 

We also experienced bliss and blessings that we weren't expecting...

  • We slept better naturally.

  • Our relationship deepened and had more passion and romance than before.

  • Our home was selected for a taping of a HGTV show to feature new products (and we got to keep $1000+ worth of freebies).

  • My creativity was reawakened and I ended up creating a passion-based business.

Designing your bedroom isn't just about creating a beautiful space. It can lead to magic in other areas of your life as well. 

I've seen it again and again with my clients, who have experienced results like:

  • Finding love again

  • Increasing financial abundance

  • Strengthening self-trust and decision making

  • Growing self-love and self-worth

"You've helped me take my room from a college dorm to a spa retreat. Every time I go into the room, I feel relaxed, at peace, and really luxurious. It's amazing how much a physical space can shift not only how you physically see something, but how you internally feel. The room before was so reflective of how I treated myself at that time. I was single before and something shifted the moment I chose to invest the time and effort into my bedroom. And now, I'm married!" - Shazia Imam

The way your space is currently designed has clues to how your life is currently going.

Not enough fire in your room? Your and your significant other may be living as roommates. Too much fire? You two may be constantly having heated arguments.

In this program, I'll walk you through how to look at your space from a different perspective - both as a place with clues on how life is going for you, as well as how you could shift the energy to support what you want most in your life.



Ready to get started?





  • Learn the two true purposes of your bedroom and how to design for them

  • Understand how to harness energy flow to improve your well-being and create new opportunities in your life

  • Begin seeing your space through "Feng Shui eyes" and recognizing the connection between your home and your life

  • Learn the most important design rule you need to follow



  • Learn why decluttering is the first step to designing your dream bedroom

  • What clutter is (You may surprised that it’s not just what you think!)

  • The one Feng Shui rule you really need to follow

  • A step-by-step process for decluttering



  • Lay out your furniture to maximize energy flow

  • Choose furniture based on your unique needs and living situation

  • Apply remedies if your bedroom layout is less than ideal



  • Uncover your unique design style and preferences

  • Create a design plan using inspirational pieces

  • Learn to work with your partner to create a space both of you will love



  • Learn how to choose accessories that reflect your current desires

  • Balance out the masculine/feminine energies in your space

  • Complete your design plan with accessories that create a energetically balanced space


Ready to create your own retreat?


In this new program, I'll be leading you through the same process I've used with my one-on-one clients to create your dream bedroom. There'll be five weekly calls where you'll be able to ask questions live. (And don't worry if you're unable to join live, you can ask questions ahead of time and listen to the recording afterwards.) In addition, you'll be invited to join a private Facebook group, where you can ask questions, share your progress and be inspired by others' progress. You get the best of both worlds - individualized guidance and a supportive community. My one-on-one rates usually start at $600, but this program is offered at a special investment of $347 and will be limited to a maximum of 10 students.

By joining today, you'll also be receiving these BONUSES:
  • 6 Things You Can Do in Your Bedroom for Better Sleep
  • Top 10 Tips to Bring Romance into Your Bedroom and Your Love Life

This is for you if you...

  • love a hands-on, individualized approach to designing

  • want to be involved in the process of creating your space (rather than being dictated on how your room should look)

  • want to learn how to apply Feng Shui principles on your own

  • are ready for change in your life


Don't wait! First call starts on 4/20!


Hey there! I'm Mayan Tran.

No matter what you'd like to create in your life, redesigning your bedroom is the PERFECT place to start to stir up energy and new opportunities in your life. The effort you put in to creating a space you love will ripple out into other areas of your life.

I hope you'll join me on this fun and creative journey together!