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“Mayan, our work together has made such a difference in my life and in my expansion as a person, especially in my career and my relationship to money. I’m present to the synchronicities since working together – manifesting my dream job (AGAIN, with your help), making and having more money than ever, and having way more access to peace, joy, gratitude and hope in my life. It's been incredible to see how I was limiting my thinking & dreaming, so through our work together, I am filled with a pure sense of anything being possible. ANY. THING. 

Learning and believing in my own strength through major life shifts over the last 2 years has been incredible to navigate with a coach like you. Your gentle and steady advocacy has provided me a lot of faith in my own capabilities & gifts. I feel confident and empowered to live a life that’s full of possibility, and I can’t wait for what’s next to come. Thank you for believing in me and taking a stand for what’s possible even when I was scared. I’m so proud of myself for taking the leap and saying yes to this work (and my life, really). Looking back from where I started to where I am now? Wow, wow, wow! I'm honored and so grateful to you for the opportunity to continue growing.”

Lorena M. 



“Mayan, you are a strongly insightful woman with a keen sense to hone in on bits and pieces that require deeper exploration. I could feel you listening to me and your natural curiosity leads to perfectly formulated questions. After our call, I had several breakthroughs, aha's, and ideas to follow through on in the days and weeks ahead! Thank you so so much!”

Elizabeth Bishop, Founder, elizabethbishopconsulting.com  

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“Mayan has an amazing ability to hold the space to help others work through their inner obstacles. Through her gentle and focused coaching style, she has helped me better visualize my Soul-inspired work on a larger scale. With renewed clarity, I have taken steps to change and expand my business to better match my inner vision.”

Lana Le, Intuitive Coach at HelloSoul.space



“Since working with Mayan, I’ve started to reconnect with my divine feminine, which has opened up the path in both my career and my love life. Mayan, thank you for your AMAZINGNESS and for creating one of the biggest shifts I’ve been searching for.”

Jessica Lyons, Life Coach and Founder of SoulSpeak



“Mayan, our coaching session helped me to step across that invisible line and finally share my artwork with the world. My art is now being displayed at a yoga studio and I was just contacted by someone wanting to buy my artwork!”

Jen C.


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