So you wanna know even more about me? Here are 9 random facts...

  1. I was born in Hong Kong and lived there until age 7. I can still speak and understand Cantonese but have lost 94.5% of my ability to read and write.

  2. My childhood dream was to be a backup dancer.

  3. Zen is my middle name. OK, not really, but I've been told I have a calming presence and a soothing voice.

  4. My first car was a stick shift, but since neither I nor anyone in my family knew how to drive one, I recruited a friend to drive 2 hours north to New Jersey with me to pick up the car I wanted.

  5. I joined my college ice hockey team without knowing anyone (or how to skate)... and had a blast!

  6. Although I love spending time with people (especially having deep conversations), I'm also a textbook introvert and need lots of alone time to recharge.

  7. I attended Mastin Kipp's week-long retreat in Maui for free by manifesting it into reality.

  8. I was dubbed Captain Planet after taking home bags of recycling from places where people didn't recycle.

  9. I also happen to drive an electric car. Her name is CiCi.