Your dream is yours for THIS reason...

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Late last year, she came to me with a dream. 
A dream of moving to Hawaii.
A dream she'd held close to her heart for years, but figured it was something she'd do maybe in 10 years.

But after a recent visit to the islands, she couldn't ignore any longer the inner knowing that she's meant to start a new chapter of her life there.

So she came to me and hired me to hold space. To keep her accountable and to keep moving on this dream.

Through our coaching sessions together, it was clear that this was in full alignment with what her soul wanted. Still, she had fears and doubts...

  • Am I doing the right thing?
  • Why can’t I just be content with where I am?
  • Why am I willing to give up a good life I've worked so hard to create to start over?
  • Am I crazy for leaving my friends, family, career and income for the unknown?

Was she scared as hell at times? Absolutely.
Did she have every step figured out? Not at all. 
Did she keep moving forward anyway? HELLS YEAH!

As we moved through each fear and limiting belief, and as she took actions toward her dream, one by one, doors began opening.

Job opportunities. Relocation assistance. People offering to help.


Everything she needed, when she needed it, to make her move as easy and smoothly as possible. 

Within the 4 months of working together, everything for her move was in place.

In just a few days, she'll be leaving on her one-way flight to paradise!!

A 10-year (aka someday) dream turned into reality in less than 5 months.

Creating a life that feels like magic takes equal parts of dreaming and doing.

It takes trust and faith that your dreams are yours because you’re meant to experience them.

It takes letting go of what is for what could be.

It takes listening to the whispers (and sometimes cries) of your soul.

Many of us have “10-year dreams”... something that feels close enough to keep dreaming about, but far enough to hold off on taking action towards.

What is YOUR 10-year dream?

What if you could have your 10-year dream by the end of this year? 

How would your life change?


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