When was the last time you felt SCARCITED?


When was the last time you did something scarciting (i.e. scary + exciting)? Something that pushed you out of your comfort zone AND that you were thrilled about doing?

Over the past few weeks, I got to speak with some amazing thought leaders and entrepreneurs for a special upcoming interview series.

During one of the interviews, Lydia, a corporate escape coach, mentioned that being scarcited is how you should feel when you're on the path of growth and entrepreneurship.

She explained that when you're purely excited about doing something, without being scared at all, you're not going to your edge and allowing yourself to grow.

And when you're scared but not excited about what you're doing, well, then what's the point of doing it? (Following your joy has also been a recurring theme for success and happiness out of these interviews.)

For me, inviting established leaders to hop on board with me for this project and interviewing people I'd just met definitely had me feeling scarcited. Excited for our conversations and the ideas that get to be shared, but also scared that I'd sound stupid, that it wouldn't be well received, that it'd be a waste of time and effort.

The analyzer in me needed all the prepping I could get, and the perfectionist in me needed everything to turn out right!

And when my interview with Lydia got scheduled with less than the time and info I usually needed to prep for it, I got super nervous.

I had a choice: either just go with it or try to find another time that might work for our busy schedules, tight deadlines and the 14-hour time difference (she was in Bangkok).

Something told me to just go for it and trust it'd work out fine.

And so I did and we had a great interview.

Was it perfect? Nope.

Is it done? Yep!

The old me would've rescheduled for another day - in fact, I did with another interviewee previously - but I'm learning that action begets action.

And progress over perfection.

The conversation was perfect, and ironically even touched on perfectionism.

When opportunities appear that make you feel scarcited, you can either wait to feel ready before saying yes or just say yes and trust.

Trust that you're divinely guided and supported.

Trust that you have everything you need.

Trust that all of your experiences have led and prepared you for this.

Trust that whatever comes through is the "perfect" thing that needed to happen.

Because being scarcited and doing it anyway is how you're going to grow and take yourself to the next level. What are you scarcited about right now? I'd love to know, so leave me a comment below :) 

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