When life takes an unexpected turn

View of jump from our friend's drone

View of jump from our friend's drone

Last month as we were leaving for our vacation to Maui, I looked forward to doing nothing but relaxing and de-stressing. 

I imagined seven whole days of lounging on the beach, napping, reading, and maybe playing a game or two of beach volleyball. 

My plan for R&R changed our first day there when some friends invited us to go cliff jumping.

The adventurous part of me has always wanted to try it, so even though I can’t swim, I went anyway and jumped off a 50-foot cliff into the open ocean! (OK, it was probably more like 15-feet, but did I mention that I can’t swim?!

That first day set the tone for the rest of our trip. From driving the Road to Hana to zip lining and hiking hidden trails, each day was a new adventure that tested my courage again and again.

The thought of OMG, I’m gonna die!! crossed my mind at least once a day, especially when we boulder-jumped across a gushing river and stood under a 400-foot waterfall (thrilling, yes, but totally unsafe!). 

Our Maui trip didn’t turn out to be the relaxing vacation I was expecting, but it was exactly what I needed

I returned home feeling refreshed and exhilarated about life, (which, interestingly, was exactly what I'd hoped for by lounging by the beach).

What surprised me, though, was that I also came home feeling stronger and braver than ever before. And it wouldn’t have happened had I resisted the opportunity to grow.

Being challenged was what I needed to expand and experience myself as being even stronger than before. And I couldn’t have predicted that it was what I needed at the time.

When life takes an unexpected turn, whether it’s a trip, a relationship, or a career, we can sometimes feel disappointed, frustrated, and defeated.

And while we don’t always have a say in what happens to us, we always have a say in how we respond to it. 

We can allow the experience to make us stronger and discover deeper parts of ourselves, or we can allow it to drain our power and keep us in victim mode.

The choice is ours. Always. 

And we are stronger and more supported than we know.


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