This is costing you the life you really want

I'd been dreading this for years, but we finally did it… we got a dog.

We rescued a cute cattle dog/Shiba Inu mix from the animal shelter, which we named Wonton.

Having never owned a dog, the analyzer in me wanted to know everything about dog ownership before we brought him home, including what it really took to have a dog.

What I learned was that beyond the monetary cost of the adoption fee, food, toys, accessories, training classes and vet visits, etc., the cost also included time (like walking and playing with him), added responsibilities(such as finding a dog sitter if he couldn't travel with us), as well as our emotional investment.

The true cost of welcoming Wonton into our family was quite a lot, but we were intentional about what we wanted, so were willing to pay it.

There are certain aspects of our lives that we're very intentional about bringing into our lives, like pets, and then there are other areas where we're not as intentional.

For example, how often do you think about the material things you bring into your home? Things like clothing, gadgets, books, and gifts. Even free stuff.

Are you aware that everything you bring into your life, intentional or not, requires your energy and attention?

While you may not be feeding these inanimate objects food like you do with pets, you are sharing with them your time, energy, and space.

The umpteenth free water bottle you picked up will need a place in your home.

The new book you ordered from Amazon will require your time and attention.

The plant you brought home will need your care and energy to stay healthy.

What about the non-material things in your life? Like the people you spend time with, the activities and parties you say yes to, and requests of others you oblige to.

If your life is cluttered with activities you don't love, you're not making the space to welcome in the experiences that actually bring you joy.

If you're already busy doing things simply out of habit or obligation, then you won't have the time or energy to do what you truly want to do.

If you keep dating someone you know is wrong for you, you're unavailable for the right person to come into your life.

These material and non-material things make up your environment, which is either supporting or distracting you from creating the life you want.

You have the power to create the dream life you want, but it's up to you to be intentional with what and who you bring into your life.

I'd love to know what's something you could release, either from your home or your life (or both!), this week to make space for what you truly want? Leave a comment below and let me know!



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