What I wish for you in 2018...

I recently posted on my Facebook wall about shining our light, and it's clear from the responses that so many of us recognize that it's our time to SHINE! 


It's time to own our talents. 
To express ourselves. 
To honor our desires.
It's time to be a source of love (or joy, fun, inspiration, or what lights you up!) wherever you go.
No more hiding out.
No more playing small.
No more letting our vision and dreams take a back seat.
Whether we've been dimming our light because we don't think our voice matters, we've been taught to be humble, or we feel there are other more urgent things to take care of, there's no better time than at the start of a new year to powerfully set the intention to own your light.
So as we close out 2017 and begin 2018, my wish for you is that you will take a moment to connect with your light; the power that lives within you.

And to commit to letting it shine. Proudly. Brilliantly.
With much love,


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