Get what you want without making New Year's resolutions


Do you want to accomplish big things but have zero interest in making resolutions? Have you already made some resolutions but don't feel inspired by them anymore?

For me, resolutions feel restrictive, like a constant reminder of what I don't like about myself or my life.

So for the past few years, I've been choosing a THEME instead.

Having a theme that draws me towards something I want feels more inspiring and empowering.

It feels less like a parent telling me what I can and can't do, and more like a teacher opening my eyes to what's possible.

It also connects me with WHY I want this thing in the first place, which opens up a whole new set of inspired actions towards this outcome.

For example, let's say I want to lose 10 pounds.

If what I want is to have more energy and feel healthier and alive, rather than just focusing on diet or exercise, I may also get my hormones and cholesterol levels checked out, look for ways to manage stress, or try out new hobbies and activities.

On the other hand, if what I want is to feel sexy and confident, rather than just shifting my diet and exercise habits, I might also try out a new hairstyle or clothes, correct my posture to stand taller, use daily affirmations, or practice receiving compliments from others (without downplaying them!)

These are two very different WHYs that lead to very different actions.

The first one might have a theme of optimal health, while the second one could have a theme of confidence. And in either case, losing 10 pounds may not even be needed.

Figuring out your theme and your why helps you get creative and take meaningful actions that ultimately get what you want this year.

As for me, my theme for 2017 is EMBODY.

My why is to fully step into my purpose - guiding women to become audacious and fearless creators in their lives.

Rather than resolving to make a certain amount of income or work with a certain number of clients, EMBODY reminds me to BE what I teach… to be audacious and fearless in my own life and my own creations. (On a side note, I've got a couple projects I'm creating and am excited to share with you in the next few weeks!)

EMBODY reminds me that focusing on the being first, rather than the doing, will shine light on what actions to take and will naturally lead to the results I want.


Now it's your turn

What is your theme for 2017? Whether it's related to health, romance, money, life purpose, or something else, what is the WHY behind what you want to create this year? Share with me by leaving a comment below.

Need a little help figuring out your theme? I know being clear on this will make a huge difference for you this year, so if you're feeling stuck or unsure, I'm offering a call with me from now until the end of January to help you come up with your theme for the year. It's free and there are no obligations. Schedule your free theme discovery call today.


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