How to Stay Grounded When Traveling


After 16 tanks of gas and 3,283 miles, we made it to our new home in San Francisco!

Although I would’ve preferred to hop on a 5 hour flight and call it a day, I’m glad Awesome Hubby insisted on driving instead. It was the first time either of us had driven cross country and it turned out to be a fun experience.

road trip

Of course, the state of Virginia didn’t let us leave without a parting gift (via a speeding ticket). Thankfully, that was the only hiccup we had during the entire road trip.


We got a taste of southern hospitality (everyone is so cheerful and helpful), and experienced firsthand that chivalry still exists (reserved parking for ‘Ladies’?!) We had amazing Tex Mex food in Santa Fe and got to spend some time with family in Dallas.


Although traveling is fun, living out of a suitcase and constantly being on the move can take its toll after a while.

To maintain a sense of normalcy amid the chaos, I put together a traveling nightstand that I kept at the side of my bed each night. It wasn't anything fancy, just a box of the things I usually keep in my real nightstand - things to help me sleep, like an eye mask and ear plugs, as well as my journal, note pad and the book I'm currently reading.

As simple as it sounds, keeping the items I normally have with me during our trip made me feel more settled.

In addition to keeping a traveling nightstand, I also relied on my daily yoga practice to help me feel grounded. Missing even just one day made it harder to manage the stress of traveling and moving. Having a yoga towel lets me do yoga in the hotel room.


There are plenty of articles (such as Yoga Journal and American Osteopathic Association) that talk about the benefits of yoga, such as increased flexibility, strength, circulation and pain management. Personally, I've found that a daily yoga practice calms my mind and reduces any stress I may be feeling in my life, especially during traveling or a huge change like moving.

Now it's your turn...

Whether you're traveling or going through a change in your life, what do you find helpful in keeping you grounded? Share your ideas by leaving a comment below. And if you're looking for a way to stay grounded, give yoga a try!

Thanks for reading!