How I Manifested a Free Trip to Maui (and How You Can Manifest Your Own Dreams Into Reality)


Many of you know that I went to Maui this past summer to attend a retreat. What you may not know is that I got to go for free, and that I did it by manifesting it into reality.

OK, technically, I did it by making a pretty kick-ass video. And from the outside, it may have looked like that was all I did. But I’m letting you in on a secret: I actually used the power of manifesting to score my free trip!

In order to explain how all that happened though, I need to go back to January of this year.

I was catching up on some recorded episodes of Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday on my DVR and one of them featured Gabrielle Bernstein, Mastin Kipp and Marie Forleo as the spiritual thought leaders of the next generation.


I was so inspired by them. They’re my age, but they’ve figured out how to do what I’ve wanted to do for the past few years: serving others in a way that really lights them up.

I immediately googled them and started following their blogs, including Mastin’s website “The Daily Love.” I was also drawn to Marie Forleo and her B-school program, which teaches women how to create businesses around their passions.

A few weeks later, Mastin sent out an email to all of his Daily Love subscribers promoting B-school and offered a spot to attend his upcoming retreat in Maui if we sent him a video of why he should pick us.

I didn’t know much about the 7-day retreat except for what was posted on the website, but I knew it had my name written all over it! Daily green juice. Yoga twice a day. Organic, alkaline meals. Discussions on life purpose and relationships. A promise of a transformational journey. And all this in Maui, my absolute favorite place! Yes, yes and YES! These are all things that I already love. It sounded like a week in heaven!

I felt so inspired that I immediately began working on my video, sharing what I’d been going through - things I hadn't even told many of my friends. I wrote out the script and spent every waking moment over the next week meticulously putting together my video. I was quite proud of myself because I’d poured my heart and soul into it.


As I emailed off my video though, doubts immediately started creeping in.

The Daily Love has over 500,000 Twitter followers and probably the same number of email subscribers. That means thousands of people got the same email that I did. Thousands of people probably submitted a video. Thousands of people had the same dream of going to Maui.

Who am I to win this? After all, this is the very first video I’ve ever made.

Determined not to let my doubts get the best of me, (there wasn’t much else I could do anyway, since I’d already submitted it), I decided to calm my fears by doing some visualizations using a manifesting technique called Flowdreaming.

I visualized myself finding out that I’d won the contest. I let the emotions run through my body: feelings of amazement, gratitude, pride, excitement, joy... pure happiness.

I used my senses to imagine that I was already there. I imagined landing in Maui and stepping off the plane, feeling exhilarated. I breathed in the fresh, salty air. I felt the warm, ocean breeze. I felt as if I was really there.

I truly believed in it and I expected to be going. I even turned down visiting my sister in California in August because I fully expected to be in Maui in August.

After I did my visualization exercise, I stopped thinking about it. I didn’t worry if it was going to happen or not. I completely let go of the outcome.

In fact, I’d forgotten all about it when four months later, I got the email that I’d won!


While this may seem like luck or chance to some people, I know that this was actually manifestation at work. Our thoughts can create our future – especially when we have an unfailing belief and incorporate strong emotions.

Don't believe me? Try it out for yourself by following these steps:

  1. Decide – Know what it is that you want and set your intention to go after it. I wanted to attend this retreat and expand my knowledge of myself and the world. I set the intention to be surrounded by loving, like-minded people who could help me move forward in my life.
  2. Act – Do whatever it takes to achieve whatever it is you’re after. Put in your best effort. I poured my heart and soul into creating a video that I felt represented who I am and what I want for myself.
  3. Visualize – Imagine that you’ve already achieved what it is you want to achieve. Imagine how it would feel to have this outcome. Feel it in your body and use all of your senses. It may sound and feel silly, but the more you can pour your emotions into it, the more likely you will get results.
  4. Expect – Act as if you’ve already accomplished it. What would you do differently if you’ve already achieved this goal? Start doing that right now. You have to truly believe that you will get it. When I told Awesome Hubby I was going to win this trip, he said, “I know you will. You’ll do your thing like you always do and you’re going to go.” I was so certain that I was going that he was convinced of it, too.
  5. Let go – Once you’ve done steps 1-4, don’t spend any more time and effort thinking about it. Otherwise, negative thoughts will start creeping back in and you’ll begin doubting yourself. Know that you did your best and that whatever happens will be for the highest good for you and everyone else involved.

Of course, I'm not saying that just because you visualize yourself winning the lottery that you'll wake up a millionaire the next day. Manifesting works by bringing you what you both desire and need in the easiest way possible. For some people, that may be the lottery. For others, it may be a promotion at work. It can't be something that you think is just nice to have, either. (I mean, who doesn't want an extra million bucks?) You have to really connect with it and want it wholeheartedly.

And in case you were wondering, I had the most amazing time at the retreat. I was indeed surrounded by loving, like-minded people who helped me move forward in my life. Just as I'd visualized and intended for myself!


Now it’s your turn…

What do you really want to happen in your life? Do you want a new job, a promotion, a loving relationship or more stability in your finances? Visualize yourself getting it and let your body feel the emotions. Remember, the stronger the emotions, the better. Leave a comment below with your thoughts and share your experience with manifesting.

Thanks for reading!