How long will you wait, 10 years like I did?


Pipe dreams -- something you'd love to do, have or experience, but that feels impossible or impractical.

We all have them.

Maybe yours is something grand like moving to a tropical island and living in a glass bottom bungalow.

Or maybe it's simply having a day to yourself, free from any work, home or parenting responsibilities.

Mine was moving to California.

I got my first taste of California living in 2004 when the company I was working for sent me out west for a project.

I couldn't pinpoint what it was exactly. Maybe it was the slower pace and the laid back culture. Or maybe it was access to fresh produce and a variety of cuisines. Or the year-round mild weather and plethora of outdoor activities. 

Something about the Golden State was calling me to move there.

After heading back east when my project ended, I brought up moving out to California with my then-boyfriend, now-hubby, Mark. I tried my best to make my case, but his rationale for us staying put made a lot of sense - we had deep roots here in the D.C. area with our families, friends and careers.

It was hard to disagree. And to be honest, the thought of starting over felt so daunting, uncertain, and even impractical, that I wasn't entirely convinced of the idea myself.

Moving west became a pipe dream that might come true one day, when the conditions were "right."

Maybe in 30 years or so, when the kids we'd yet to have were all grown, our parents were no longer around, and we had nothing tying us down. Maybe then, it'd be the right time.

And so we left it at that and continued living our lives.

But moving west continued to stay on my mind as each year passed.

I'd bring it up occasionally, but it became a sore, very sore, subject for us.

Finally in 2014, having done deep inner work, particularly around speaking my truth, I realized I didn't want to wait 30 years.

So I once again brought it up.

This time, something shifted and Mark agreed to a two-year trial period. (Happy dance!!)

Within four months, we got rid of most of our belongings, put our house up for rent and drove across the country to start our new life.

Starting over in a city with barely any friends and family wasn't easy. But step by step (and with the help of my sister + bro-in-law), we figured things out and began making connections and a life for ourselves.

Three years later, we're now getting ready to buy our first home as Californians.

Our dreams are ours for a reason - no matter how illogical, nonsensical or impractical they may seem.

Even if they seem like a step backwards.

Even if they don't make sense to anyone else.

Our dreams are here to lead us to a more fulfilling life.

Who knows if southern California will end up being our permanent home? Maybe we'll continue moving west to Hawaii in a few years?

What I do know is that we both grew so much from this experience, as individuals and as a couple, that we feel empowered for whatever our next dream may be.

Your pipe dreams don't have to remain your pipe dreams forever.

Yes, it'll take courageous actions and enrolling others in your vision, but it starts with YOU feeling worthy enough to speak up and stand behind your desires.


So start today. Don't wait 10 years, 30 years, or that elusive "someday" when the conditions are "right." I promise you that if you go for it, you'll know yourself to be stronger and more powerful than you ever thought possible.

I'd love to know what YOUR pipe dream is, no matter how big or small. Leave a comment below and share with me!

xo, M


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