Finding Joy by Nurturing Your Inner Child

It wasn't until I began studying Feng Shui did I realize that a whole area of my life was completely missing: Children and Creativity.

From the words alone, you might not think that it applies to you, especially if kids aren’t on your mind or if you don’t consider yourself an artist.

While this area in Feng Shui terms can refer to fertility and creative endeavors, Children and Creativity applies to all of us because the underlying concept is joy - doing something that makes you incredibly happy, something that lights up your inner child.

A few months ago when I started reading the book The Artist’s Way, I learned of the concept of our inner child.

Up until then, I thought it was something that disappeared with our childhood. I didn’t realize that our inner child is forever with us, no matter our real age.

In talking with some friends, I’m finding that I’m not the only one who has neglected my inner child.

As we get older and take on more responsibilities, it’s easy to get caught up in our daily duties. It feels impossible to find time to do things just for fun.

The truth is we’ll find the time if we make it a priority.

And we need to make it a priority.

When we don’t nurture our inner child, we begin denying parts of ourselves, including our hopes, dreams and desires. 

It happens slowly without our realizing it, until one day, usually years later, we start reminiscing about all of the things we used to do and the person we used to be.

We wonder when we became this person we barely recognize.


One of the key exercises to nurture our inner child suggested by The Artist’s Way is a solo artist’s date – where you take yourself out on a date.

You can do whatever your heart desires: ice skating, going to a museum, seeing a movie, taking an art/dance/cooking/trapeze class, or anything that would be fun for you.

I struggled with this big time.

My daily to-do list is usually so long that I barely get enough sleep, much less do anything ‘unproductive’ or god-forbid, fun!

Even when I watched TV, I always combined it with a chore like folding laundry or paying bills to make it productive. Yeah, I know, I’ve got issues.

But I was able to take myself on several dates during the 12-week program and I know it caused a shift in me.

Since finishing the book, I now feel more joyful and… alive!

It has added another dimension to my life and has helped me embrace the idea that I’m a creator – not just artistically, but that I’m a creator in my life.

It inspired me to do things I’ve always wanted to try (like tap dancing) and even awakened a long-held dream which is now in the works. If you’re up to the challenge of rediscovering your inner child and your creativity, definitely check out The Artist’s Way.

Now it’s your turn…

Go within and ask your inner child what one fun thing you’d like to do. Then schedule a date with yourself this week to do just that. Remember, you can’t go with anyone else, and it has to be something fun, not something you need to do, like running an errand. It doesn’t have to take a whole day or cost anything. The purpose is to spend quality time with and dote on your inner child. Whatever you decide will be perfect. One of my favorite dates was biking to a nearby park, laying down a blanket and watching the clouds roll by. Simple, relaxing, fun and just what I needed.

Leave a comment below with what you’re planning for your artist’s date or your experience with The Artist’s Way if you’ve read it.