Don’t let it take you eight months, too…

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Wanna hear something crazy? The online workshop I held last Saturday took me eight months to prepare.

Eight months sounds like reasonable prep time for a week-long or even weekend-long event, but my workshop lasted a little over half an hour.

To be honest, what took up most of that time wasn’t creating the actual content or figuring out the technology piece. What took so long was getting over my mental blocks.

You see, I was afraid of how it might turn out.

I let my fear of failing… of judgement… of what might happen stall my progress for eight whole months.

And rather than facing the fear for what it was, I used excuses, really good excuses, that made it easy for anyone to sympathize with why my workshop wasn’t ready.

Oh, we have family visiting…

We’re traveling…

We’re busy packing and unpacking because we're moving to a new city…

Well, the holidays are coming up now…

All sounds legit, right?

Fear has a genius way of disguising itself as reasons to keep us “safe.”

But is safety worth it if it also means staying stagnant?

Taking a step towards where you want to go, even if it feels scary, is the only way to move forward.

One way to help nudge you forward is to be publicly accountable. Share with your family, friends, and even strangers, of what you plan to do.

When I finally thought, enough is enough!, I picked a date, shared it with everyone, and then there was no turning back.

My workshop turned out to be a success, not because everything turned out perfectly, but because I actually did it. And doing so opened up the next door for me to move forward.

If there's something you've been thinking and talking about doing but you keep telling yourself things like,

I’m not ready yet…

It’s not a good time...

I need to wait for this x, y and z to be in place before I can do it...

It’s time to take action.

The time to do it is now, before you feel ready. I assure you that the self-awareness you'll gain and the opportunities that open up are more than worth it.

If you could use some accountability on something you want to do, share with me by leaving a comment below, and I’ll help you keep moving.

It doesn’t have to take you eight months to take your next step.


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