Change this one area to change your life

Pop quiz - Which of these pictures belong to the same house?

The answer is…

They're all from the same home!


I'm not. In fact, I see this all the time when I work with my clients.

It's so common for people to have certain parts of their home well-decorated, well-loved, and clutter-free…

While other areas are messy, overlooked and neglected.

In some cases, the contrast is so drastic you'd think the home was occupied by multiple people, rather than just one person!

Maybe you’re thinking this happens because some areas are harder to decorate or maintain. I can tell you from my experience of working with lots of clients, it's not the case.

The real reason is we subconsciously design our space to reflect what's going on in our lives.

In the above example of my client, every room of her home — except the bedroom — was immaculate, beautiful and intentionally decorated, like a page out of an HGTV magazine. Her bedroom, on the other hand, looked like it belonged to a college bachelor who filled his space with only worn-out, mismatched hand-me-downs.

It was no wonder to me that although she had excellent health, a rising career and solid finances, she was struggling in the love and romance department - because our bedrooms are a reflection of our love life.

The areas you dislike, struggle with keeping tidy or overlook in your home reflect the areas of your life where you’re not getting what you truly want.

Creating change in that area of your home is one of the fastest, most effective, and fun ways to shift that corresponding area of your life.

Being intentional about what you want to create in your life and designing a space that reflects those intentions —> creates an energetic opening for change to happen.

This is why it’s always the first thing I help my clients do when we work together.

We then uncover and shift any limiting thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs around what you want that’s keeping you from seeing, taking action on, or receiving the opportunities available for you.

Together with manifesting techniques that keep you in high vibration and in alignment with your desires, opportunities come your way synchronistically.

This was the exact process I walked this client through and the results were amazing.

After investing in the time and effort to design her bedroom with intention, her outer environment finally matched her internal desires for the type of relationship she wanted. Just a few months later, she attracted the partner of her dreams, whom she married!

Here’s an after picture of her bedroom… (and the before picture in case you forgot!):

When your internal desires, beliefs and expectations are in alignment with your external space, your desires turn into reality.

I'd love to know what area in your home you struggle with and what area in your life feels like an uphill battle. The one that no matter how much effort you put in, you don’t seem to be making progress? Comment below and let me know!



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