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Our Cross-Country Move: A Lesson in Embracing Uncertainty

One of the greatest truths I’ve learned came from Mastin Kipp while attending his retreat in Maui, which he also wrote about on his blog:

The quality of your life is directly related to the amount of necessary uncertainty you can comfortably live with.

If we’re not willing to raise our comfort level and take risks, we won't be able to fully experience life.

While it made sense intellectually, it wasn’t until a few months ago when we decided to move to San Francisco that I truly grasped it.

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How I Manifested a Free Trip to Maui (and How You Can Manifest Your Own Dreams Into Reality)

Many of you know that I went to Maui this past summer to attend a retreat. What you may not know is that I got to go for free, and that I did it by manifesting it into reality.

OK, technically, I did it by making a pretty kick-ass video. And from the outside, it may have looked like that was all I did. But I’m letting you in on a secret: I actually used the power of visualization to score my free trip!

In order to explain how all that happened though, I need to go back to January of this year.

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