What I wish for you in 2018...

I recently posted on my Facebook wall about shining our light, and it's clear from the responses that so many of us recognize that it's our time to SHINE!

It's time to own our talents. 
To express ourselves. 
To honor our desires.

It's time to be a source of love (or joy, fun, inspiration, or what lights you up!) wherever you go.

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Risking again after being disappointed

Ten years ago, Mark and I were sitting next to each other and looking with wide eyes at the inch-thick stack of papers in front of us.

We were about to sign our life away - 30 years of it, anyway - to close on our first home.

This was the moment we'd been waiting and planning for, to finally have a place of our own.

A place to decorate as we wish.

A place to play house as newlyweds.

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How long will you wait, 10 years like I did?

Pipe dreams - something you'd love to do, have or experience, but that feels impossible or impractical.

We all have them.

Maybe yours is something grand like moving to a tropical island and living in a glass bottom bungalow.

Or maybe it's simply having a day to yourself, free from any work, home or parenting responsibilities.

Mine was moving to California.

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When a frenemy sabotaged me and my work

Do you spend days working and re-working something creative (whether it be your blog post, book, video, invention, business idea, art or music) only to want to start all over again?
Does it feel like it’s never good enough?
This was the merry-go-round I used to ride on when I confused excellence with perfectionism.

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Tired of feeling stuck on your creative project?

Have you been thinking about a creative project lately? If so, you’re not alone. It’s finally spring here, and with the energy of rebirth and growth that comes along with it, you’re probably feeling an extra burst of inspiration.

This means now is the perfect time to take action and put your creative project into motion.

Here’s the thing about inspiration, though - it can quickly fade and be replaced by overwhelm and inaction if we’re not mindful.

That’s because pursuing something new scares the part of us that’s designed to keep us safe.

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Don’t let it take you eight months, too…

Wanna hear something crazy? The online workshop I held last Saturday took me eight months to prepare.

Eight months sounds like reasonable prep time for a week-long or even weekend-long event, but my workshop lasted a little over half an hour.

To be honest, what took up most of that time wasn’t creating the actual content or figuring out the technology piece. What took so long was getting over my mental blocks.

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