Ever feel like you're meant to live somewhere else?

"I can't explain it. I just feel like it's where I need to be."
"You know we'll be starting over. Are you really ready for that?"
It's a conversation I've had with my husband for the umpteenth time… moving across the country to San Francisco.
Logically, I knew relocating to a new city didn’t make sense. We already had a support system, established careers and homes in our hometown of Washington, D.C. 
And yet, I couldn't get out of my mind the idea of living in the city by the bay.

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Change this one area to change your life

Pop quiz - Which of these pictures belong to the same house?

The answer is…

They're all from the same home!


I'm not. In fact, I see this all the time when I work with my clients.

It's so common for people to have certain parts of their home well-decorated, well-loved, and clutter-free…

While other areas are messy, overlooked and neglected.

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This is costing you the life you really want

I'd been dreading this for years, but we finally did it… we got a dog.

We rescued a cute cattle dog/Shiba Inu mix from the animal shelter, which we named Wonton.

Having never owned a dog, the analyzer in me wanted to know everything about dog ownership before we brought him home, including what it really took to have a dog.

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What I don't want to admit

Here's something embarrassing I'm hesitant to share... 

Over the past couple of months, our house has been turned upside down for some home renovations.

While I'm excited that our house is finally painted and our bedrooms have new plush carpet, the truth is that our house is still a chaotic mess (even though the work was finished weeks ago!)

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What's your biggest dream?

Is there something you've been wanting to experience or create in your life that you've been putting off?

Maybe you've been trying to take action but can't seem to find the time or energy to actually sit down and do it.

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5 Ways You're Limiting Your Own Freedom

Do you remember your very first taste of freedom?

Maybe it was when you started earning your own money? Or went off to college? Or moved out to live on your own?

For me, it was the day I passed the road test to get my driver's license.

I'd prepped for months for it - going on drives with my dad, first in the parking lot, then on neighborhood streets, and finally on main roads. We practiced parallel parking in the evenings after dinner at St. Peter's Church by our house.

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Your dream is yours for THIS reason...

Late last year, she came to me with a dream. 
A dream of moving to Hawaii.
A dream she'd held close to her heart for years, but figured it was something she'd do maybe in 10 years.

But after a recent visit to the islands, she couldn't ignore any longer the inner knowing that she's meant to start a new chapter of her life there.

So she came to me and hired me to hold space. To keep her accountable and to keep moving on this dream.

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What I wish for you in 2018...

I recently posted on my Facebook wall about shining our light, and it's clear from the responses that so many of us recognize that it's our time to SHINE!

It's time to own our talents. 
To express ourselves. 
To honor our desires.

It's time to be a source of love (or joy, fun, inspiration, or what lights you up!) wherever you go.

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Risking again after being disappointed

Ten years ago, Mark and I were sitting next to each other and looking with wide eyes at the inch-thick stack of papers in front of us.

We were about to sign our life away - 30 years of it, anyway - to close on our first home.

This was the moment we'd been waiting and planning for, to finally have a place of our own.

A place to decorate as we wish.

A place to play house as newlyweds.

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