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Ever feel like you've gone too far down a path and can't turn back? That was how I felt...

At 29, my life looked pretty good from the outside… a solid, happy marriage, a rising career, financial abundance and good health.

On the inside, though, I felt trapped… in a career I didn’t feel passionate about, in a city I didn’t love, and in a lifestyle that kept us in a perpetual rat race.

My life felt like a scene out of Groundhog’s Day: wake up, work for 8+ hours, have dinner with the hubby, watch TV and go to bed. Rinse and repeat. 

Of course, there were moments of fun, too, but purpose, inspiration and fulfillment were missing. BIG TIME.

And after being on autopilot for almost ten years, I felt I was in too deep to start over, until one day I just couldn’t ignore the part of me that cried out...


There has to be more to my life...


Unsure where to even start, I began reading self-development books. My curiosity for one topic led me to the next, then the next and the next... topics like spirituality, energy, Feng Shui, manifesting, creativity and intuition. 

As I soaked up the new information, I also realized that I'd created my life based on the expectations of society and the people I loved. I didn't want to disappoint anyone, so I made my decisions (sometimes subconsciously) based on what I thought would make others happy.


But in doing so, I'd lost sight of the core of who I really am:

a Fearless Creator


It took deep inner work and the support of a coach to begin living my truth again as a Fearless Creator. 

I started with baby steps, like taking a painting class just for fun, then continued with slightly bigger shifts, like designing how to spend my time and saying no to people and things that felt out of alignment (eek!) Eventually, I was able to make even bolder changes, like starting a coaching practice, moving across the country, and reducing my hours at my corporate job.

My life now looks very different. We live in beautiful southern California, where the year-round mild weather is a perfect fit for our active lifestyle.

I have a location-independent business guiding women to become Fearless Creators of their lives.

Each day I get to experience freedom and fulfillment from inspiring and serving women who are ready to live with more freedom, fulfillment and joy.

Just a few years ago, living this way didn't seem possible for me. Now, it's my reality.

Let's get one thing straight, though:

I'm no more special or deserving than anyone else. I simply rediscovered my core self and took action towards what I truly wanted, no matter how small or scary. Actions that over time redirected my life.

I believe divine guidance led you here and that something within you is also wanting a shift. If there's one thing I want you to know from reading my story, it's that no matter how far down you are on one path...


It’s never too late to shift the direction of your life.


You, too, can be the Fearless Creator of your life.


All you have to do is take one step at a time.



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Are you a Fearless Creator?



A Fearless Creator...

  • tunes into her intuition

  • expresses her experiences and learnings in a way that benefits and contributes to others

  • shares vulnerably

  • perseveres through fears and resistance

  • takes inspired actions