Do you ever feel like you've gone too far down a path and can't change directions?

I know firsthand that it's never too late to shift the direction of your life.

A few years ago, doing what I love seemed like a pipe dream.

My life looked ideal from the outside -- happy marriage, solid career and financial abundance. 

Deep inside, I felt trapped by the choices I'd made up until that point.

Trapped in a mundane life I'd unintentionally created -- a career I wasn't passionate about, a city I didn’t love, and a lifestyle that kept me in a perpetual rat race. Over time I resigned myself to living this life, handcuffed by the thought of what change would entail. The guilt around appearing ungrateful for all that I had confined me to a reality that become increasingly difficult to bear.

Life felt like a scene out of Groundhog’s Day: wake up, work, unwind with TV, and go to bed. Rinse and repeat. 

Of course, there were moments of fun, too, but PURPOSE, JOY and IMPACT were missing. BIG TIME.

And after being on autopilot for almost ten years, I felt I was in too deep to start over, until one day I could no longer ignore the part of me that cried out...


There has to be more to my life!


The problem was, I had NO IDEA what else I could be doing.

I began taking classes - sketching, oil painting, tap dancing, yoga - hoping to uncover some hidden talent that'd lead to a more fulfilling path.

With some of my favorite mentors, Mastin Kipp and Summer McStravick

With some of my favorite mentors, Mastin Kipp and Summer McStravick

While things didn't shift overnight, letting more fun and creativity into my life put me back on a path of exploration and growth. I began studying with teachers on topics like spirituality, manifesting, Feng Shui, energy flow, creativity, intuition, positive psychology and belief change reprogramming.

As I started applying what I learned, my purpose became clear - to shed the fears holding me back from living the way I wanted to live, and to light the way for others to do the same.

I was called to be a Courageous Creator.

It wasn't easy, though. I was afraid of hurting and disappointing others by asking what I wanted. I wanted to live in California but was scared my family would think I was selfish and crazy to move away. I wanted to cut down my hours at my job to have time to do what I love, but was scared my husband and boss wouldn't be supportive. I was also petrified I had no other skills or talent aside from what I'd been doing in my career.

Because I'd much rather sacrifice what I wanted to avoid rocking the boat, even though I was unhappy, I brought up what I wanted halfheartedly. I expected to get the worst possible responses, and I readily accepted other people's rationale for why I couldn’t have or do what I wanted.

It took deep inner work to finally follow my heart, have uncomfortable conversations about what I wanted and risk screwing up status quo.

One step at a time, I broke through fears and barriers to speaking up, until I eventually made bold changes, like reducing my hours at my corporate job, starting a coaching practice, and moving across the country.

Mayan 2016-0015.jpg

Now my life looks very different: 

  • We live in beautiful southern California, where the year-round mild weather is a perfect fit for our active lifestyle,

  • My husband supports my dreams and encourages me to pursue them (believe me, this did not come easily or immediately!), and

  • I feel aligned, alive, and purposeful with my life with a location-independent business guiding women to become Courageous Creators of their lives.

Just a few years ago, living this way didn't seem possible for me. Now, it's my reality.

Today, I lead workshops and work 1-on-1 with women who are tired of living life on autopilot, and ready to live with more freedom, fulfillment and joy by reconnecting with their inspired, courageous and creative selves.

I help you to rediscover the Courageous Creator within you and to breakthrough the fears and limiting beliefs to take action towards what you truly want, no matter how small or scary.

Actions that over time redirect your life.

I believe divine guidance led you here and that something within you is also wanting a shift. If there's one thing I want you to know from reading my story, it's that no matter how far down you are on one path...


It’s never too late to shift the direction of your life.

You, too, can be the Courageous Creator of your life.

All you have to do is take one step at a time.





Mayan is on a mission to inspire and support women towards a life of freedom, joy and fulfillment. She believes the key to creating magic and attracting love into our lives is through reconnecting with our courageous and creative selves.  

Mayan is certified in the Transformational Coaching Method. She guides her clients in breaking through fears and old stories, in rising up and taking inspired action towards what they truly want. She incorporates modalities from the invisible, energetic realm, such as law of attraction, EFT and Feng Shui, with practical guidance and accountability. Mayan works one-on-one with clients and regularly leads workshops in Washington, D.C., San Francisco and San Diego. She lives in southern California.


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Are you a Courageous Creator?


A Courageous Creator...

  • is in tune with her desires and vision

  • listens to her heart and intuition

  • takes inspired actions

  • perseveres through fears and resistance

  • shares vulnerably