Wish you could spend your days pursuing your passions instead of working at your (not quite fulfilling) day job?

Dream of taking a few months off to travel and explore, or just to discover yourself?

Long to wake up in paradise every morning (wherever paradise is for you)?


Tired of waiting for Someday, that magical day when you finally have the time and freedom to live how you truly want to live?


These things don’t seem possible right now and I get it.

You chose a path and now you’re committed to it. You deeply care for others and even tend to put their needs before your own. 

You’re a responsible adult with people who depend on you.


You're also a dreamer and a creator.

It's time to honor that side of you.


Hi, I’m Mayan (pronounced MAY-en).

I'm a Dream Illuminator and Creation Coach.

I help women who are tired of waiting for Someday to come when they can finally do what they want to do and live how they want, but feel too stuck, overwhelmed, or afraid to take action.

I know firsthand how stifling life can feel when you've already chosen a path and feel you've gone too far down it to turn back.

I'm on a mission to help women tap into their power as a Fearless Creator and re-design their life one step at a time so that they live their Someday now.

Are you ready to take a first step towards making your dream life your reality now?


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